UX Research for Immersive Tech

Observing and capturing how people experience and use VR/AR devices, apps and services.

Role: UX Research Assistant

Festival of Ocean Films website

Using mixed-methods research to identify usability issues and uncover design opportunities.

Role: UX Researcher

A screen shot of a heatmap showing where users click on the website homepage.
A rural Indian woman shows a research team member her electricity meter, pointing at it mounted high up on the wall in her home. She holds a portable LED lightstrip in her hand.

Power to the People

Investigating solar-powered electricity consumption in rural Indian households.

Role: UX Researcher & Designer

Source Local, Eat Local

Investigating the obstacles, opportunities, and potential innovations for sustainable circular food systems in Finland.

Role: Design Researcher

Design game cards held out in a fan showing food waste, regional government and produce topics.