I’m Lindsay, a User Experience Researcher, User Advocate, Designer and creative problem-solver. I focus my work on investigating and interpreting how people use technology and services and making recommendations for improvements and interventions.

I help you to find out more about how, and why, your customers use your product or service. I can also provide operational support to research teams looking to be more nimble and productive. 

I’m currently consulting with organisations who need help with:

  • User experience research, usability and accessibility studies
  • UX research coordination and participant recruitment
  • Human-centered and service design support

I’ve worked with Aalto University Business School, the Finnish Government and Helsinki Transit Authority. I have done research on solar-powered electricity consumption in rural India, family transit use and film festival browsing; I’ve used research insights to collaboratively design service concepts for local food procurement and pre-paid energy accounts. Check out some case studies, read on to learn more about how I work or click below to get in contact:

How I work

You might say I’m a designer with a research bent, or a researcher with a designer bent. I am passionate about inclusive research that helps yield equitable solutions.

I extensively use design research to look, listen and learn about user’s problems and help teams to make data-driven design decisions.

I advocate for the user to make sure we are building the right thing, and building the thing right.

UX research is a team sport! I deliver the best results when we foster stakeholder buy-in and collaborate with users. 

I use visualization to make research findings, insights and processes easy to understand and act upon.

Drawing on my design and production experience, I operationalise research by sourcing participants running logistics / coordination.

More about Me

I’m a lifelong learner with an MA in Collaborative and Industrial Design (UX/Service Design & Research) from Aalto University in Helsinki.  “Love of learning” is one of my signature strengths, I couldn’t agree more.

I have a background in visual communications design, image research, exhibit and book design. So, yes, I can make your research easy and enjoyable for your stakeholders to digest.

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I currently live in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, and enjoy working remotely, talking to and designing with people from all over the world.