Prepaid Solar-powered Electricity Services

1 2 My thesis is in collaboration with Aalto Department of Design, Aalto University’s Aalto New Global (ANG) program and Boond Engineering. ANG is a multidisciplinary action research project that focuses on co-creating frugal innovation in complex global systems. Boond is a private energy social enterprise that designs and produces solar-powered electricity products and services … Read More

Skills Sharing on Beehive

1 2 3 4 In February 2014 I participated in the Global Service Jam at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. The event was sponsored by the Service Systems Design Master’s Program at the University, and took place in a spacious room overlooking the canals of Tegelholmen and Sydhavn. The theme of the jam this year was … Read More

Chi Sounds Radio

  Sensing and Responding to the Analogue World Have you ever wondered how motion sensors in a gallery installation or museum exhibit work? How does your movement trigger a video to play, or the lights to dim, or make things move? Im always curious about the mechanics of interactive and immersive experiences, and in the … Read More

My Fresh Food Saver

1 2 Helping people waste less food My Fresh Food Saver App is the result of my 10-week BA research project in which I investigated how digital design and technology can help reduce household food waste in Denmark. I designed and conducted qualitative research including interviews with experts and consumers, analysed and synthesised the results, … Read More