Right2Respect Interactive Guide

Simplifying complexity I worked closely with Right2Respect, a human rights and business consultancy, to develop and design a user-friendly guide that quickly explained HRDD to busy executives. I served as interactive design advisor, and was directly responsible for visual design and layout, navigation strategy, interaction and animation, and in the process taught myself how to build interactive InDesign/PDF documents. With the interactive … Read More


1 2 Designing for Action Architecture Archintorno’s website is the result of a 10-week internship for my BA degree in e-Concept Development. Archintorno is an Italian non-profit that works in community and social architecture. I initiated an internship project to design and develop their first website to help them to boost project funding and expand … Read More

My Fresh Food Saver

1 2 Helping people waste less food My Fresh Food Saver App is the result of my 10-week BA research project in which I investigated how digital design and technology can help reduce household food waste in Denmark. I designed and conducted qualitative research including interviews with experts and consumers, analysed and synthesised the results, … Read More