Prepaid Solar-powered Electricity Services

1 2 My thesis investigates a prepaid electricity service in India and how customers in four rural Indian villages relate to and interact with the smart meters in their home. The service is facilitated by Boond Engineering, a private energy social enterprise that designs and produces solar-powered electricity products and services for energy-deprived regions of India. While … Read More

Better Metro for Families

1 2 3 4 Cultivating future transit riders Helsinki Public Transit (HKL) run the Metro and trams in Helsinki. The core objective of HKL is to make everyday life easier for Helsinki residents. As the city is growing rapidly, there is a threat of increasing car traffic. HKL is very interested in making citizen’s end-to-end journey … Read More

My Fresh Food Saver

1 2 Helping people waste less food My Fresh Food Saver App is the result of my 10-week BA research project in which I investigated how digital design and technology can help reduce household food waste in Denmark. I designed and conducted qualitative research including interviews with experts and consumers, analysed and synthesised the results, … Read More