Simplifying complexity

I worked closely with Right2Respect, a human rights and business consultancy, to develop and design a user-friendly guide that quickly explained HRDD to busy executives. I served as interactive design advisor, and was directly responsible for visual design and layout, navigation strategy, interaction and animation, and in the process taught myself how to build interactive InDesign/PDF documents.

With the interactive map of South America human rights risk ratings are revealed on the graph by clicking on a country button, allowing the user to make the interactive map specific to their needs and interests. I used this approach to eliminate clutter and promote exploration of the country ratings. The navigation bar indicates the current page, while the rollover function reveals previous/next page titles to enable page jumping.

why should business care about human rights - impacts and risks

With the goal that the guide should be a quick read, I organised main points into top-levelcontent (always visible). I treated details as second-level, interactive content. In the example above, on click, the four top-level buttons activate pop-ups with detailed text and reveal graphic links between the impacts and risks.

To encourage learning, I made a button for each severe human rights risk. On click, the risk is crossed out and a pop-up risk reduction benefit appears.