Helping people waste less food

My Fresh Food Saver App is the result of my 10-week BA research project in which I investigated how digital design and technology can help reduce household food waste in Denmark. I designed and conducted qualitative research including interviews with experts and consumers, analysed and synthesised the results, designed the solution, wrote a 20-page report and made a working digital prototype.

My Fresh Food Saver helps consumers track the expiry dates of fresh foods to help them get better at wasting less food and money. By scanning barcodes and entering expiry dates, “food waste avoiders” can track their progress, identify frequently wasted foods and better understand their food consumption habits.

My qualitative research included interviews with seven participants from the target group. To develop insights into how food consumption habits and behaviours lead to food waste, I wrote my observations from the interviews on Post-its and grouped them into themes, and then identified opportunities for solutions.

clustering postit notes during design research analysis



Based on participant interviews and secondary research I identified two types of grocery shoppers, Strategic Planners and Inspired Shoppers, and then developed a persona for each type. Strategic Shoppers use planning and goal setting to avoid wasting food and money.


The research resulted in the development of the expiry date tracker concept, which was realised to a hi-fidelity prototype. Additionally, I wrote a 25-page report explaining my research question, methodology and analysis, ideation and solution process.

And finally, I made a narrated video of my BA exam presentation slides. Coincidentally, my exam invigilator was the Digital Manager at the Danish Food and Agriculture Council and made some very interesting comments about my work. I got top marks for my project.