Designing to celebrate cultural heritage

I worked with the Alberni Valley Museum on a logo design for the museum that would also begin to define a visual identity system for three emerging heritage attractions in the Alberni Valley Heritage Network.

The community museum holds an eclectic collection of artifacts including First Nations’ art, logging trucks, and domestic curiosities such as hairpins and milk bottles. To reflect the diversity of the museum's collection and programs, a logomark that was suggestive of variety and discovery and culture was proposed.

 Four logos for the Alberni Valley Heritage Network visual identity

Once the AVM logo was established, work began on designing logos for three partners in the Alberni Heritage network. Built on the double block structure of graphic and title, a unique graphic illustration was developed for each attraction. Attention was paid to reflect the unique character of each site in the typography, while ensuring the mark cooperated with evolving AHN visual identity.

The development of the AVH identity system was developed over a period of years and included community consultation, collaboration, experimentation and visioning in the process.